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You don’t have to struggle with staffing your IT projects. If you need to …

  • Avoid the costs and time needed to find, train and retain your own qualified .NET, SQL, web application and mobile developers…
  • Outsource your .NET, SQL, web application or mobile projects, but find onshore options overpriced and too “one-size-fits-all”…
  • Want the cost savings promised by offshore teams, but not the headaches that come with managing them…

Inflash has a hassle-free cure for all those headaches. The Inflash Dedicated Development Center offers:

  • Dedicated US-based project management and support personnel, available when you need them, in your time zone and on your schedule. — Your project won’t compete with a dozen others for time and attention.
  • Highly-trained offshore .NET, SQL, web application or mobile developers, selected to match your project needs. — Without the time and expense of finding and training.
  • State-of-the-art facilities, security and equipment—Your onshore and offshore teams use the latest technology, and remote connections are fast and secure.

Over 12 years’ experience using and refining our distributed, hybrid team model sets us apart from the rest.

Our Dedicated Development Center provides your very own software personnel for developing and testing, staffed with the best hires from around the world. You get high-quality results, on time—and with a savings of up to 70% OFF the cost of in-house development.

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There’s a cure for those outsourced, offshore IT headaches.

Inflash Dedicated Development Center delivers all the benefits of a fully dedicated offshore development team… with none of the headaches.

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    “Working with Inflash was unlike any other experience with a technology company. They really care. And their work is

    second to none.”

    CEO, Bauer/LSC

    “We are just in the second benchmark of this project, but so far we have found Inflash’s team leads to be totally

    professional, responsive and creative. We anticipate an excellent experience that we hope will lead to a long-term


    CEO, Atlantic Cruising Club