Inflash takes a refreshing, practical, and empirical approach to software development.

Since 2005, we’ve brought peace of mind to dozens of customers through intuitively designed web and mobile applications. Our passionate team of developers and project managers take quality assurance very seriously, using our 3-level testing methodology. We serve our clients until they are happy with the results. When you want competitive pricing and a high-quality solution done in a flash, you choose Inflash.

What We Provide

Low cost and aggravation-free

You don’t always get what you pay for. In too many software development projects the development rate is low but the aggravation factor is extremely high – and it winds up costing you time and subsequently much more money than you hoped to save. Not so with Inflash. We bring low-cost, high-quality development together with high touch, aggravation-free project management.

How We Work

We refuse to be one of those software development firms that overcharges, overpromises and underdelivers.

Why our clients think we’re awesome

“We are just in the second benchmark of this project, but so far we have found Inflash’s team leads to be totally professional, responsive and creative. We anticipate an excellent experience that we hope will lead to a long-term relationship.” – CEO of Atlantic Cruising Club

“Working with Inflash was unlike any other experience with a technology company. They really care. And their work is second to none.” – CEO of Bauer/LSC