Web Applications

Volunteer Application Tracking System

Develop an application to streamline the registration and job posting process.

Construction Accounting Software

Replaced construction company’s manual inventory process with a computer-based accounting system.

Adozo Project Management

Project and task management system that replaced MS Excel and email process.

Ride-Sharing Application

Develop a technical and social system that enables people to share rides using web browsers and mobile devices.

Mobile Applications

Adozo Project Management App

A website development agency was maintaining their project details in Microsoft Office and facilitating all correspondence with their team through email and chat. We developed a web application and mobile app to increase efficiencies and reduce errors, which helped them immensely.

Ride Sharing App

Our client wanted us to build them a mobile app which would provide a technical and social system for ride sharing. This cross-platform solution provides a communication channel for a group of like-minded, environmentally conscious commuters.