How Custom Mobile Apps Bring Efficiency and Profits to Construction Management

Custom Construction Management App

Managing A Construction Company Has So Many Different Parts

Managing a construction company is a multi-faceted task. First off, you have projects to manage. You’re managing multiple projects simultaneously or one large project with a huge number of components. There are so many other parts of managing a construction company though, such as employee management, asset management, financial management, document management, procurement, estimating, design, client management, and general business management.


Custom Construction Software

Canned Software is Challenging

Each of these components requires computer software. Today’s construction software is much better than even just five years ago, but the fact is, this software is canned. Canned software (non-customizable) is often bloated with features that you will never use or lack specific functionality that your business requires to run smoothly. They often do not play well with other software and none of them provide a solution to everything your business needs.


Outdated is as outdated does

Are you stuck using an old, outdated and obsolete software system? You’re definitely not alone. Many construction companies find themselves in your shoes. There are so many choices for software out there, that the task of combing through them can seem daunting. The task of switching over can feel impossible too. There is a better solution though… Custom Construction Management Software!


Construction Project Management App

Excuse me sir, I’ll take a mobile app on the rocks

Imagine telling a software company what you would like included within the software and actually have them build it from the ground up. This is the way it should be, right? Using today’s technology to provide a solution to communication, data storage, accounting, asset management… the list goes on and on. There are so many components to what you do, so why not do it all through a single interface?


Construction Team Management App

Integration is everything today

Another headache which many construction managers come across is a lack of integration between canned software systems. Does your procurement application talk to your accounting software? Does your employee management software talk to your project management software? They should, right? What about your customers? How do you communicate with them?


Construction Employee Management App

What’s a construction manager to do?

Inflash builds custom software from the ground up. Your new software system can manage your projects, employees, financials, assets, employee/customer communications, and schedules all within a single application. This is a web application, which is cloud based. It also includes a mobile app, so you can keep track of your everything while on-the-go! Imagine having your own custom construction management mobile app! You’re always going, right? Well of course you are, you’re busy managing a thriving business. Your software should go with you too!


Managing construction using mobile app

Hold it!

Hold on, Custom = Expensive right? Not with Inflash. We bring together the best resources to get the job done. We have provided world-class software development services to dozens of companies and organizations of all sizes and types since 2005. If you’re interested then click here and Inflash would be happy to provide a Custom Project Summary for you.


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