Why Custom Business Process Management Software Applications Crush Canned BPM Software Apps

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The idea of having a software program which compiled all businesses projects, workflows and communications in one location would have seemed impossible, or only available in a Jetson’s episode, thirty years ago. But today there are many different packaged software programs which offer these features and more. Can you believe that companies used to use ledgers, files and post-it’s to keep track of information and make decisions?

So, what exactly is (BPM) business process management?

By definition, business process management is the concept of making business activities more effective and efficient to accomplish an organizational goal. To improve the business process with the idea that there is always room for improvement.

Then what is a BPM Application?

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A business process management software application is a piece of software located either in a web software application (a website) or within your smartphone (an app). The software provides business automation, approval processes, communication, project management and measurement tools such as dashboards containing vital data which can be compiled from an infinite number of resources.

The bottom line is that a BPM will make your company more competitive and efficient. A customized BPM can bring your business to the next level, plain and simple.

I’ve got the canned software blues

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There are many problems with purchasing canned, off-the-shelf business management software systems. Here are a few:

– It is full of features you will never use, but you paid for

– Does not have a feature your business requires

– Not scalable, so you may need to upgrade to a new system as your organization grows

– Non-intuitive, challenging to learn

– Little to no ability to integrate into your existing systems

– Very business general, not specific to your industry

– Many are not mobile accessible

Why a CUSTOM BPM Software Application?

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Well, how about for none of the previous reasons. But beyond that, by having a software system for your business custom built to suit your needs you will get:

– A BPM system developed specifically for you with only the functions your business requires

– A system that is completely integrated with every piece of your existing systems and channels

– Today’s technology, not last year’s or last decade’s

– Valuable insight through dashboards that cannot come with canned solutions because they are made for you, leading to better business decisions

– A competitive advantage

– A system designed to work well with your industry or niche and within your parameters

– A custom user interface

– The ability to scale, as needed

– Dynamically produced documents and reports

– No need to change a policy or procedure to meld with your canned software, this is created to compliment your existing policies and procedures

– The cutting-edge tool that your business needs and deserves

How is BPM Software Used?

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Think of a BPM tool like a workflow monitoring system. Yes, there are workflow applications, but these are usually automated systems that push along information from party to party through the project cycle. A BPM is more of an all-inclusive workflow system which integrates different applications, technologies, and human interactions into a central system, providing visibility and monitoring across the organization.

What Options Do I Have in A Custom BPM Solution?


There are many different components that can be incorporated into a custom business process management application. It truly depends on the needs of your business.

Projects, Tasks, and Subtasks

A good BPM will include the ability to create and manage projects, tasks, and subtasks. These often include timelines and milestones as well as the ability to assign teams and individuals to these items.

Team Communication

There should be a place where discussion can happen in written form so that everyone involved is keyed into the communications. These include email and chat integration as well as an ability to attach documents and files.


An approval system is often included, which provides the ability to run an invoice or proposal up the chain of command until it is signed off or denied by the executive who is tagged within the system to provide the decision.

Dynamic Forms

Many of our clients have requested specific types of automation to be included in their BPM’s, such as a dynamic form that is generated based upon a project timetable to provide an overview of status to a client. These can take the form of letters or emails.

Mobile Access and Cloud Based

The software should real-time enabled and mobile accessible so that all individual team members can share documents and see changes happen as they are updated by other team members. Therefore, it should be cloud enabled to provide these functions.

Activity and Mileage Tracking

If you are interested in tracking the time or progress of a specific activity, such as time put into a specific project or the amount of free space available in your cloud storage, this can be incorporated into your system. With GPS technology and API integration so readily available, adding mileage tracking capabilities is something that is often added to the software.


Personal dashboards are created for each user so that they can keep track of tasks, communications and more. Executive and managerial dashboards are often included for the administration to monitor projects, teams, individuals and to incorporate big data for better analysis. This leads to better decision making, accountability, and communication.

Calendar, Email, and API

A shared calendar is vital to businesses functions within a team environment, so many BPM software systems incorporate a calendar feature. Often times these are updated via API with data imported from the calendar system already in place, such as Outlook or Google Calendar. The same can be said about email. API is the key to connecting these channels.

An Investment in Your Future

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Adding a BPM software application should be viewed as an investment in your business. You should weigh the potential return on investment by thinking of how it will improve employee efficiency, shorten deadlines, expand mobile data access and provide an overall improvement in employee satisfaction. There are many team management software applications out there, but a BPM app should include many of the vital components listed previously, which are not usually included in such packages.

By adding a custom business management software application to your software suite, you will have something built specific to your needs, imperatives and business demands.

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